Happy Father’s Day!๐Ÿ’“

Every day a father is born and it is up to him to continuously grow into his calling.

Fatherhood is a true part of the journey of manhood that is so necessary, so appreciated, so honorable and so admirable. I’m so grateful for the amazing dads that have graced, blessed and impacted my life on a small and a grand scale. Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s and father figures out there! I salute you for ALL that you do! Enjoy your day!



Self Work Saturday {Life Detox}

When life’s necessary breaks, orders of minimalism, decluttering and detoxes call your name are you quick to answer the call for action or slow to notice until it’s too late????

I’ve been overdue for one of these. As much as I love and cherish my small online tribe and daily visual inspiration I have to step away from the screens for a second and purify my life.

I have to work on letting the bad food habits go, letting the unproductive habits go so I can reassess and give boundaries and energy to a more productive and self controlled habit of balancing and maintaining the effect it has on me.

It is time for a body detox, mind detox and soul detox. Time to get rid of the build up and the toxins in my life and make more room, space, focused time and attention to the people in my life and the good things that really, truly enhance my life and my quality of living.

I’ve done quite a few of these over the past few years in different ways whether it was unplugging for a week or a few days, fasting, fasting completely from technology and foods for a certain period of time or just stepping away from the hustle and bustle of life and staying behind the scenes. I’ve always gotten good results, clarity, more productivity, enhanced creativity, refreshment and epiphanies at the end of my detoxes. There was even a brief point in time where I would unplug the first and last week of each month in order to get in alignment and give my brain a break from the beast that is technology and social media(which I’m working on making that a consistent routine again).

But it has definitely been a while and with all that has taken place between this year and late last year I think it’s safe to say that the time and opportunity for me to get rid of some mental and physical junk, has approached me again. So, for โ˜ week (starting Monday) I will be ghost in order to fully dedicate my attention to my family, friends, health, working on myself and my process of healing.

It is essential and right now…. CRITICAL! I will miss you all but I will definitely come back refreshed and hopefully better than ever sharing my experience, new content and findings. If you’re feeling brave and feel you too are overdue for some unplugging or a life detox….join in with me on Monday and document the process for your own growth. If you have already done one or a few in the past, share how that experience was for you in the comments below๐Ÿ‘‡ but until then….peace, light and love my friends.

So there will be one more day of posts until I’m ghost! Can’t wait to get back to encouraging, inspiring and sharing my journey of recovery and wellness with you while also being inspired by you.
Happy Self Work Saturday Good People!


Faith Over Fear Friday {Adding To The Glory Story}

Today Will You Add On To Your Glory Story????????

I’m thankful to be free in being naturally me though I must admit it took a while to get here. To get to the destination of embracing all of my wildest dreams and sacred spaces. To release my mental restrictions and let go of all of my inhibitions. To set free the most natural, vulnerable, quirky, modest and amazing parts of me and be unashamed of all that gory parts that have contributed to my life story. I am now unafraid to add to my Gifted Glory.โœจ

Embrace the becoming
Embrace the spaces inside that you have been hiding and denying and bring them to life
Not just because it’s trending or in high demand and can make you a band
But because YOU are YOU
And guess what?
That is YOUR superpower!
SO GO AHEAD and keep adding to your own personal glory story.
Surely in time your light will shine brighter, take you higher and some day in some way it will inspire.


Today I’m free being naturally me
And that is something that no trend, no amount of money or exposure, NOTHING OR NO ONE can EVER take away.


{Short Story Sessions} ~Real Love~ When The Search Ends With Me

As I was headed to the hospital not knowing what to expect the lyrics to “real love” came through the speakers and at that moment I never had such a soul stirring experience from hearing this classic song that I had heard countless times before.

It was that moment in the back of a Lyft with a complete stranger that I started to shed some tears. I texted my love:

“Thank you for loving me the best way that you knew how to.”

I was wrapped up in a fog of defeat from the unfamiliar and unrealistic amounts of pain and despair that I was experiencing. Giving away poetic and heartfelt last words to my love as I thought that maybe this moment may be my last and I wanted to depart in a pure hearted style.

As I snapped back to the elements that were presently surrounding me I realized that, that real love that I had been searching and yearning for was ME.

It had always been within me lying dormant for so long. My years worth of thoughts had always told me that I truly loved myself, but in that moment I had noticed that for a long time, I honestly had not been loving myself properly and whole heartedly. I was not exhibiting love to my body, my mind, my growth or my life. I had been walking in a fog of real lust.

I had been residing in the hazardous zone of “Of course I love myself why wouldn’t I?” when all along I had just been tolerating myself, maintaining myself and protecting myself. I was just a creature of survival fighting to get to the next phase of my life. Not realizing that my childhood environment had a lot to do with my relationship with myself.

I had been sleepwalking in the reality of physically reflecting all of my witnessed surrounding relationships as well as my own very close personal relationships. I hadn’t known that I wasn’t really growing in my relationship with self therefore never really growing in my surrounding relationships.

This was a toxic cycle that I had projected on to other relationships as a young adult and I had looked for what I thought I had already had but desperately felt that I needed from someone else until I felt the need to discontinue my search. So, when I finally met my love and went through the ups and downs, the turbulence, the magnificence, the horror and the glory of all that is included in real, raw love and getting to fully know someone I had also unknowingly took that much needed ride with my own relationship and journey of real, unrefined love with my self.

So flash forward to that Lyft ride, the moment that I had really found that real and unrefined love with myself was the exact moment that I stopped expecting it from everyone else. For me that search was “for ME” all along and on that night that search had ended.


Transparent Tuesday {Recovery Mode}

I am a
Mom in recovery mode.
I am recovering my time
My position
I am recovery from my addiction to a particular way of thinking
I am recovering from the mom that my kids used to see me as
They are recovering from my absenteeism while visible
They are recovering from symptoms of having a sad mom
And I am still recovering from the smoke left after the burn
They are recovering from feelings of hurt and concern
And I
I am still recovering from their recovery caused by me.
I am a
Friend in recovery mode.
I am recovering the time that passed
Because I was too embarrassed and too sad
To be the friend that I felt I was needed to be
I am recovering from taking them for granted
Not laughing enough, not sharing enough
And pulling away too much
I am recovering time that slipped away from me
I am recovering from broken promises made
And they are recovering from counting on me to always be in recovery.
I am a
Wife in recovery mode.
I am recovering trust that was broken
And two hearts soaked in problems
That stemmed from past wounds not fixed
I am recovering from my shit affecting him
And he is recovering from me.
The me who had no in between
Unpredictable mental shit
That would leave a sting
On his heartstrings
This is what he recovers from
So now together
We Recover
Because one who is in recovery mode
Has a load of those infected
Who are by default in recovery too!
I am just a mom, wife, friend and human
Trying to get better each day
In every way
Remembering that I am not the only one who is in


Motivation For Your Monday {Strength Training}

Trouble WON’T last always……

Let your trials make you STRONGER๐Ÿ’ช don’t allow them to linger or last longer then they are meant to.

Refocus your focus, create a new moment, refresh, reset then let those troubles goโœŒlet them fuel you to create a new type of strength. Don’t ever get caught up in trouble’s chaotic after effect.๐Ÿšซ


Today, this is my own personal mantra that I’m using to fuel me and get me through the day. Just wanted to share to someone who may need the boost as well!

Happy Monday Good People!๐Ÿ’ช


Sunday Soul Food {HOPE}

What is HOPE????
To me
Hope is what gets you through when you lose your direction.
Hope is what surrounds you when you’re exposed to life’s unpredictable elements.
Hope is what fills up those broken and empty spaces.
Hope is a tool that is always accessible if you care to utilize it.

I keep a tight grip on it.
Making sure I always have just enough hope to make it to another day. For that and that alone I am grateful.

HOPING that you enjoy your Sunday and use just enough hope to carry you through to the next.๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ™