Sunday Soul Food {Self Forgiveness}

Why Haven’t You Forgiven You?

There are enough things around in this world to beat you down
Why do you feel that you need to join them
Do you not deserve mercy?
Constantly fixated on your mistakes
That you have made
And now again it is time to let them go
Use the lesson it left you
And let it help you grow
This box is not for you anymore
You know this
So with this being known
Don’t forget to give your forgiveness
To you
Aren’t you worth your own forgiveness too?
This time I missed my own dose of forgiveness.
I must remember that it’s never too soon or too late to try again
Today I shall let the redeeming begin.

🙏Happy Sunday Good People.🙏



Self Work Saturday {Being Kind To My Mind}

My self work duty for today is simple to some but may be a bit difficult for me……staying out of my own head and guarding my thoughts. Unfortunately overthinking is a guilty pleasure for me that ends up doing more harm than good and lately my thoughts have become quite overwhelming🙊 Today I shall commit to just this one task and follow up with the days to come. If you struggle with this as well then join me and let’s put the work in together! Happy Self Work Saturday people!


Transparent Tuesday {Where Is This Growing?}

In the midst of my transistions
I must ask where is this growing?
Where is the energy flowing
And does that tainted kind of energy get restrained, tamed or played with?
Is your awareness really getting clear or is it even there?
Do you know where your growing is going?
When a wild fire
Does it cause a bigger wildfire
That inspires, dehydrates
Or tries to retire the growing that you thought you aspired to pursue?
Have you stopped to check in and ask where is this growing going?


Motivation For Your Monday {Back Up Against The Wall}

When your back is up against the wall
Do you cave
Do you remain standing
Or do you fall?
Do you call for help
Or do you create a one man island
Of just you and yourself?
When your back is up against the wall
Just make sure that if you feel like you’re gonna fall
Take one hand
Extend it
And reach for someone
To help you pull yourself back up
Because there is nothing more exhausting
Than holding that wall up alone
Or when you have to continue to have to get back up on your own.


Sunday Soul Food {Go Ahead & Walk Across Your Grace}

{Sunday Soul Food}

Here I am again
Finding myself on the other side of Grace.
And every time
The Grace waits for me
Waits for me to cross it
Waits for me to get back to the other side of myself
Waits for me to get back to the zone of becoming something better than what I have been
And away from the side of unraveling
The Grace shows me how to be
Even when I rebel and choose not to pay attention
Grace still listens every time
Soothes my soul
Exfoliates my mind
And here I am
Still stuck on the other side of Grace
While Grace patiently waits for me to walk across it.

*My thoughts have been quite jumbled as of lately as I have been dealing and ironically not dealing with myself. So, although right now it has been challenging to face my own issues head on I took some time today to stop running for a bit. Even from the thing that gives me the greatest relief…..writing. For now that means I will be doing one thing that I have been foolishly avoiding……… writing. I didn’t even believe that I had the words to write to offer to someone else’s eyes, hearts or mind not even for my keyboard to type but I said what the hell let me see what comes out. This is as transparent as it gets. Hoping you all are having a wonderful Sunday.


Transparent Tuesday {Bend Me But Don’t Break Me}

I had a conversation the other night
With life
In a moment of weakness
I pleaded I know you need to bend me
But please don’t break
My spirit
It felt crushed
My mind had enough
My body was sensitive to the touch
But this much is so
That I know
That I don’t want to be broken
Soaked in skin
That has been slowly coroding
Emotions exploding
No I don’t want to broken
You can bend me all you want


Sunday Soul Food {Scared Of The BitterSweet Surrender}

What are you holding onto that it’s time to let go of?

Today I direct this same question to myself.

For every thing you surrender
Something better or necessary will come.
It sounds nice but honestly
Permanent detachment is a hard thing to shake.
It’s a hard thing to innitiate
But often times the things that are the hardest for us to let go of
Are the greatest lessons
That we may be missing out on
Surrendering what is no longer needed
To gain clarity
To salvage sanity
And to discover and experience more self respect, self worth and self sufficiency
Recieving is easy
But letting go
I don’t know……….

Have a happy Sunday Beautiful People.